Monday, November 23, 2009

Hope and God's Plan

God is offering you not only the gift of a child but also a time of intimate training guided by His loving hand. He wants you to sit down with Him and the scraps and He'll show you how to piece them together. ~ Threads of Hope, Pieces of Joy by T. Fackler & G. Kik

the following may seem choppy in writing but they are some random thoughts after going through the verses listed in Chapter 2.

God's word tells me that His plan is perfect and His plan will lead me to enlightenment. I am being equipped for life through God's word. God wounds us so He can heal us. God gives life and takes life for His purpose. God knew me and planned for me before I came to be. God knew Tristan and planned before he came to be. We are both part of God's perfect plan. I may not see something as a gift but all God gives is a gift. God blesses our lives with His plan. I am a child of God therefore his plan for me is perfect. He is never changing. His love is forever and perfect. God will take care of me. God has always upheld me and Tristan. Nothing will be impossible with God. God knew me and appointed my life in the womb. God knew Tristan and appointed his life in the womb. Our eternal life with God includes our life on earth through our spiritual connection with the Lord. God's strength pulls us through. He loves me when I'm weak. He saves me when I'm weak. God is using my miscarriage in order than the works of God might be displayed through me. Sometimes we have to deal with bad things in order to see again. All the loss in my life has been part of God's plan to lead me back to His arms. God grace is sufficient for me. By sharing my weakness I am fulfilled by God's grace. God wants my spirit and I'm not to worry about my physical being. The kingdom of heaven belongs to those we have lost. Home with the Lord is better than the body. All you have to do is believe and you will be taken Home. Through God I can visit Tristan. By acknowledging Tristan as one of God's chosen ones I can reconnect because I too am one of God's chosen ones. I don't know the path or activity of God. My plan does not always equal God's plan. God's plan is for a higher purpose. God gives help through the spirit of the truth. He never leaves you. God comforts us so that we may comfort others. God will heal my hurts. Tristan's death is God's glory. Hope does not disappoint because it is put in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. The past is encouragement to hope.

What I have learned. My miscarriage was God's will I can not change that. My miscarriage is going to serve a purpose bigger than I can understand at this time. Everything in my life God has planned out before I even began to develop in my mother's womb. Just as Tristan's life was planned before he began to develop in my womb. I have hope that I will at some point look at my miscarriage as one of God's blessings. Right now I continue to ask Why?

Why have I had to experience so much loss in my life? First my father (21 years ago), then my mother (11 years ago) now my precious baby. I know each loss has its purpose and I know a lot of the things that have happened in my life were for the simple purpose of bringing me back to God.

So now I'm back sitting in the arms of God and basking in His perfect love. This is a love I don't understand because I can't say I've ever felt love like God showers down on me. But I'm learning to just accept it for what it is and feel the hope God fills me with. If I take the time to listen He also tells me things wonderful things. He reminds me that I am perfect just how I am. That His love for me is never failing.

Though I still hurt over all my losses I do find comfort in knowing that God's plan for me was set in motion when He created me and that everything is going to serve His purpose. May He heal my wound but leave a scar to remind me where I have come from.


  1. Amanda, I am so sorry for your loss. It appears that God is working in your life and that is beautiful. We can't make it through life without His love. Thank you for stopping over at For Your Tears. I would love to mail you a handkerchief. Please send me your full name and address. If there is something else that I can do for you please let me know. I will pray for your comfort and strength now and during the Holiday's.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know you wish that Tristan was with you. What you have written is wonderful. God loves us so much and our babies do serve a great purpose. We may never know what that purpose may be here on earth but it will be made clear in Heaven. Sending you ((hugs))