Tuesday, November 24, 2009

God's Angels

God has sent me some wonderful angels. They don't have wings or a magic glow but they do have hearts of gold. It's amazing how when people you think love and support you walk away from you because you make them uncomfortable. And then God sends you some wonderful angels and most of my angels are strangers. My heart has been touched and filled thanks to these wonderful angels. I feel so lucky that God puts in people's hearts to reach out to others they may not even know. My life has been blessed. One more blessing I can count to be thankful for. These angels may be strangers in that I have never met them but when it comes to the heart they are a part of me and my life. You just can't explain the connection you can get when you share such a bond as the loss of a child. It changes you and makes you see things and people very different. I count every blessing no matter how small it might be. My life is truly blessed indeed.


  1. Amanda-

    I'm so sorry that Tristan is no longer with you. I know from personal experience what the grief is like. I started blogging a year after Nate died. It's been a very healing thing for me. I've found more support here online then I did in my real life. It's good to be understood by others that are on the same path.

    Big Hugs,


  2. Hi Amanda,
    Some of the best support I have received is from all of the lovely women who blog, complete strangers, yes, but seemingly the only ones who truly understand what we are going through. I am so sorry for your loss and pray you find peace and comfort on your journey to healing. Feel free to visit my blog and read our story when you feel up to it. Hugs, Nan xoxoxo

  3. This thanksgiving I am most definitely thankful for every one of these angels you are talking about. A lot of my disappointment with my friends IRL dissipated after I found these angels who just loved me and supported me, mostly through this fabulous blog world.