Tuesday, February 9, 2010


God has laid it on my heart that I should adopt. I feel He is telling me to "save" a child. There are so many children who need good homes.

I presented this to my husband and he feels we should wait till January 2011 like we originally planned. But I feel so driven to adopt now instead of waiting. I really wish hubby could feel what I'm feeling deep in my soul. I have so much love to give that I just don't want to wait any longer. If God is to bless us with a biological child that is wonderful. But when there are so many children out there that need love and homes why wait to see what happens.

I have asked my husband to pray about it and see what God presents to him, but I feel he is so closed to this option right now that if God did lay it on his heart I don't think he would hear it.

I want this so bad the only thing I can even compare it to is wanting my Tristan. I long for Tristan just as much as I long for a child, be it adopted or biological its just time for me to be the mommy of a living child who needs love.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. (James 1:27, NIV)

For when the ear heard, it called me blessed, and when the eye saw, it gave witness of me, because I delivered the poor who cried for help, and the orphan who had no helper. The blessing of the one ready to perish came upon me, and I made the widow's heart sing for joy. (Job 29:11-13, NASB)


  1. I will pray for you and your husband, Amanda, for God's will in your life in His time. I think about you all the time and hope you are well.

    With love,

  2. Amanda,

    I can certainly understand how you are feeling. It's hard for husbands to get their arms around the idea of adoption, as its another layer of the grieving process. Maybe present it to him in the sense of "wanting to add to your family"

    I've not had this conversation with my husband, but know that we need to do so. I need to know where he stands on the issue and how he feels. I look at my age, 37, and want nothing more than to have a biological child, but also know it may take some time to get pregnant again. And, I know the adoption process takes a while as well. Ultimately, I'd love to have 2 children. I know God is in control, but believe we have to do what we are compelled to do and feel within the depths of our souls.

    You would be an incredible mommy to an adopted child...I'll be praying that God speaks to your hubby.

    Much Love,