Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

"Even if your baby lived one day inside of you, you are still a mother! Your body was with child; therefore, in a very real sense you are a genuine mother. That is special, and worthy of recognition. It is extremely important to give validity to the fact that you wear the cherished name mother. Am I a mother? Yes!"

Today should have been my first mother's day. I guess it still is my first mother's day yet I have no child to hold in my arms. No child to teach and show the way. No child to give that mothering touch to. Deep in my heart I am a Mother I did care for my little Tristan. I know Tristan has picked the most beautiful flowers just for me I can see them in my mind when I think of him. I can feel the love of God through my little lost angel. I am a mother with empty arms yet a very full and loving heart. Waiting for the day that I will her the word's "Mommy I love you" said out loud and not just from my heart.

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  1. You ARE a mother. Celebrating you and remembering Tristan today... I understand too well the empty arms.