Wednesday, November 17, 2010

RE Visit

Saw the Reproductive Endocrinologist today he is telling me we have a 8% chance of getting pregnant naturally. I'm a little ok a lot crushed by this news. We did blood work to test my FSH levels to find out if I still have enough eggs to even try to move forward to with this. Hubby is also getting his sperm checked on Friday. Interesting fact the Dr gave us most of the time a women who struggles to get pregnant is paired with a man with a lower sperm count. So check the quality of my eggs and his sperm once we know the results we move forward with either drug treatments or adoption.

I went in looking for hope and left with the thought basically I think we need a miracle to get pregnant.

Please continue to pray for us.


  1. Amanda,

    1) Praying for YOU


    3) As for that 8% hiss on that! My chances were very slim and the IUI worked, so don't ever rule yourself out. No matter what any Dr. tells you.

    4) Just BELIEVE

    Praying that you get the confirmation and answers that you need to move forward. I support whatever decision you all make. Ultimately, you WILL be a Mother to an earthly child. Never lose sight of that :)

    Much love and many prayers

  2. I know a God who specializes in miracles! NEVER give up hope! Keep your eyes on Him!


  3. WEll then I'm praying for a miracle!

  4. Praying for that miracle, too! xoxo

  5. Hi Amanda !

    I agree with the comments above.
    You did a ´very good move to go to that RE as now you and hubby will be checked out together .
    This will give you both more information and it might be easier then to know what to do next.
    8% chance is a lot .....8 in a hundred its not too bad - wouldnt you buy a lottery ticket if you knew you had that chance to win ?
    I would !
    8% is only a number and you might be the one that makes it .
    Within science and medicine there is also room for " miracles " so never give up trying as long as you can and your FSH is acceptable.
    Go for stimulated cycles to make sure you ovulate each time and who knows maybe during the proces hubby will change his mind about IVF ? People can change...
    Good Luck !

  6. I agree too. Boo Hiss on that and there is no doctor that can tell you anything FOR CERTAIN!!

    Believe in miracles, and pray and we're all praying and you will end up with peace as to which direction to go!!!

    Lots of love!