Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Finally go my period on Oct 7 did my round of clomid and by George I think we have ovulation. Going tomorrow to have an ultra sound done to see if my eggs are maturing (not sure I understand this) I'll ask more questions tomorrow. But I've got what I call ovulation pains so this is a good thing. Maybe just maybe this will be our month. Who knows.

We adopted a dog a Golden Retriever/Bassett mix. She is super sweet and I love having her to focus my time and energy on. She is a wonderful distraction.


  1. I hope this'll be the month! And your dog is so cute!

  2. Amanda,

    I'm praying that you see lots of follicles maturing at the ultrasound. I also took clomid followed by an ovidrel trigger and IUI. At my ultrasound I had 2 mature follicles, one at 19 and 1 at 21. And one of those little follicles produced our miracle. Hold on to hope and know that if you ever want to ask me anything you can...I'm pretty much an open book :)

    Many HUGS

  3. What a cute dog!!! Enjoy spoiling that baby for a little while (we have 3, I'm sure if we don't end up with babies soon there will be more in our house!!).